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Selling a Home

As our real estate market continuously changes, it’s very helpful to have a professional on board. Preparing your property, analyzing the value and counseling your needs and wants are part of our plan.

Here is the general process for selling your place.

  1. Meet with me to discuss your property, gain ideas on improvements, and formulate a plan of action to get you moving!
  2. Assess your property value through research on the neighborhood, market condition and similar solds in the last 12 months.
  3. Staging. This is a tried and true method for making your property visually appealing to buyers. I have a few colleagues who work with me to stage your property as part of my service.
  4. Listing paperwork. This is where you partner with me officially to sell your property. My brokerage charges 6% of the final purchase price. If you also buy with me, I reduce that to 5%.
  5. 3% of this charge will go to the buyers brokerage.
  6. Photos. Photos are very important to show your property to it’s best advantage. I use a professional real estate photographer which is also included in my service.
  7. Market exposure. The MLS system is the leader in exposing your home. In addition I advertise your property on social media, online newsletters, direct mail and all the major home sites like Zillow, etc.
  8. Showings. Fellow realtors will schedule viewings of your home electronically and will accompany their buyers. I will have an electronic key box at your property to allow them access. I monitor this and know exactly who is in your home and when. I will have feedback from most and we can adjust whatever is necessary to get you sold.
  9. Offers. I will present you with all offers as I receive them. We will discuss and negotiate as necessary for the satisfaction of all parties. As your agent your desires are my top priority and I negotiate with that in mind.
  10. Counter offer. If there are terms that seller is not in agreement with on the initial offer from buyer, it is customary to make a counter offer and negotiate until all parties agree in writing.
  11. Accepted offer. Once both parties agree in writing, the next step in the process begins.
  12. Inspections. Buyers have the opportunity to inspect the property during the next phase. This is a standard part of the journey.
  13. Repairs. It is likely that the buyers agent will request repairs. It is fair for the buyers to want the house in reasonable working order. These can be negotiable items.
  14. Closing. Once both parties agree in writing on the repairs, the contract moves toward closing. You are waiting for the buyers mortgage co., title co., appraiser, agents and lawyers to go through all the due diligence, paperwork, and final walk-thru to legally transfer the property. This takes place typically at the title co., or attorneys office. Legal ownership is transferred and possession is given.

On to your next adventure!

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